Aachen | Germany
In october we went to visit Werner Konrad in his hometown Aachen (Germany). Werner is always a very nice guy, always happy...always laughing about the funniest things of life. And we appreciated this way of living. For a few years he appears always on the classic enduro scene with his Hercules BW 125cc. But now he's retired and enjoys life with his wife!

Valentin, Werner and Mark at Aachen.

Medal of honour of the German motorcycle federation.

"Some Trophies" of Werner !!

He still knows each "victory trophy".

ADAC-Reinlandfahrt-Bielstein on the Herc 50cc.

Werner on a Hercules 125cc.

Werner at the "Kampioensrit" Holland on the Herc 50cc.
Look at his headlight (shining to the moon...) it was a very tough race!
Werner finished 1st in his class, of course the 50cc.
He was the only 50cc who finished...!

Werner always loved cleaning his Hercules before he went home...
Special Test in the "Rund-um-den-Petersberg" 2.6.1974

Werner with the 125cc at the 12. Ingelheimer Geländefahrt 20.4.1975

That's why we called it : "Dirt Bike"
With the little Hercules in
"the Südwestfalische DMV-Zuverlässigkeitsfahrt 1972"