Thanks Tof for the photos!

Bernard and his Puch Frigerio 280cc in a Belgium enduro 1979.

Six Days 1979 at Siegen (Germany) - Puch Frigerio 280cc - MC Dinant.

Six Days - Siegen 1979.

Bernard and his factory KTM 250cc at Brioude (F) - Six Days 1980.
Trophy Team Belgium.

Six Days Spain 1985 with the first 4-stroke Husqvarna 510 TE !!

Six Days Spain - 1985.

Six Days Elba (Italy) - 1981 - Trophy Team Belgium.

This was 'Tof' in 1981 - Six Days Elba (Italy).
Now 'Tof' rides also enduro in the Belgian Championship.
Of course his greatest fan...yes, his dad Bernard!