This is a little tribute to one of Belgiums enduro Trophy Riders.
Philippe and his son Raphael lent me their photo-album to scan
some beautiful photos of the past.

Thanks again !!

Philippe started his career with motorcross.

Full speed with a beautiful Honda Elsinore.

Nice outfit...!

He did some nice things in the experts-group III (250cc),
together with Huynen, Dandoy, Crosset, Decorte, etc...

Here at Orp-le-Grand (Belgium) together with Andre Dandoy (120),
Yvan Glibert (121) and Leon Germain (118).

And he never had problems to help his competitors.
Look also at the Rokon, famous at the time!

He rode always in a nice outfit: here in the Jofa outfit on his Puch.
Later on he rode SWM...and that's of course: a Brema outfit.

Philippe at a Belgium enduro-trial event 1974, he still
got his ISDT-nr. on his bike: 137 (ISDE Italy Camerino 1974)
It wasn't a non-smoking zone at the time !

Most important thing in riding a motorcycle: to have lots of fun!!
And here we see Philippe playing with a nice SWM trial 1978.

And of course: motorcross...

We always ask: where the hell are those beautiful
Six Days enduro and motorcross-bikes of the 70's ??

This was a typical scene of an enduro-event in Belgium.
Muddy can't get enough of them.
You can see the crowd at the back of the photo...
there was a spectaculair point !

Here together with Belgian Six Days manager Philippe Borguet
at a 24h-race in France.
Notice the icecream-box covers the headlight !

Like son...
Here "little Raph" together with Philippe on the SWM 1978

Now his son Raph is one of the top-riders in the Belgian enduro.
He also participated several Six Days and always became a gold medal.
After several years of top-enduro riding Raph has also retired.
He was always a top-pilot, always a real professional.
Thanks Raph !

Raphael Leclercq at the Belgian enduro event at Orp-le-Grand 2006.
Always...lots of speed and great riding. (Photo: Valentin Jacobs).