Bultaco 250cc | 1970

October 1970 , Spain, San Lorenzo del Escorial,  3 factory Bultaco's out of a special serie of 25 bikes, were ready for the Belgian team. Due to private raisons, one of the Bultaco team members Alex Colin could not make it to Spain,
so only 2 Bultaco's were presented for the technical check.
These 2 Bultaco's were brought to the finish both
rewarded with a Silver medal.
The riders were Jean Crosset and Jean Cordonnier.

April 2007, Belgium, Bilstain : after 37 years an ex-1970 Bultaco Six Days survivor and Jean Cordonnier meet again.
This Bultaco, probably the thirth Belgian Factory bike which did not raced, stayed for many years in the same hands and was stored in the back of a garage. A couple of months ago it saw daylight again and after cleaning the Amal, it took only a couple of minutes to get it running.
The owner was happy to show the bike to Jean Cordonnier, the ISDT Vet. This bike brought back a lot of memories and Jean was delighted to share his ISDT adventures with us.
The owner proposed Jean to make a little testride, and like he only rode her yesterday, Jean took the Bultaco an ran
of smootly to bring her back after a while with a smile on his face from here to the moon !