Isny | 10+11 september 2011 (Germany)
Thursday evening after a 9 hours ride, I arrived at the camping area in Isny. After a while a found the camper of Chris & Conny Homoet who arrived earlier that day.
Friday morning our American friend Dennis, his daughter Karen and husband Brian showed up to unpack the van.
We installed our tent and met other riders as they arrived during the day. At 16h we went to the technical check did the necessary paperwork and spend the rest of the day socialising with the other enthusiast.
I met Belgian enthousiast Polome on a rare 2 cylinder Honda
Marcello broght me some Italian red wine from Roberto Biza and Rolf Witthoft came to the van as he rode the same bike as the Hercules of Dennis and we had a interesting conversation with Rolf.
Friday evening the Bershaw family (Dennis) invited Chris & Conny, Ben and his wife and myself for dinner at the hotel. (thanks Dennis)
Saturday we had the trial , acceleration and braking test and we did one lap on the special test.
Frank & Dominique Albert the 2 sons of former ISDT rider Michel Albert had some work to do on the 175 Hercules 6 speed and little by little father Michel who came to his first classic event ever, became involved, and at the end of the event he was 10 years younger.
He rode the bikes of Dennis on Sunday and was so excited that he offered Dennis to prepare the DKW for a next event.
It was a pleasure to see how somebody who did not rode since 1987 discovered the wonderful world of classic off road riding.
We took some pictures of the Rond Sachs team, Chris on the 50cc, myself on the 100cc and former Rond rider and multiple Dutch team rider Jan Tijhuis on the 125, all 1968 models of the Dutch build Rond Sachs.
The bikes had to be in the parc ferme at 20H on Saturday and stayed there for the night.
We had a barbecue at the Homoet camper.
Conny had invited the complete Dutch team, the Lantings, the Tijhuis gang and Jan Schenk former DKW and HVA rider who also enjoyed the Isny atmosphere.
Sunday morning I started with Chris in the same minute.
I had to ride the longer route and lost Chris out of sight.
There were some steep climbs and the 100cc has less bottom power than the 125 Sachs I am used to ride, so it took me a while to get used to the bike. On one of the hills a made a spectacular looping ( I did this for the spectators !) bent the handle bars and broke the throttle cable.
I learned that if you need spectacles to read, that you have to bring them with you when you have to repair something on the bike !
I dropped some parts of the gas handle in the grass and could not find them.
After a while a nice German came to help and found the damned thing and I could fix the bike.
The result 18 minutes penalty points, shit !
I continued since the race ends after the last lap and you never know what the others will meet.
I learned that Chris had some problems too, used the wrong time card and took some penalty minutes.
Franck on his 7 speed Hercules had an engine which was to rich on fuel and Jan Tijhuis parked his Rond after 2 laps this was enough it was the first time since years that he rode such a bike in an event
The last lap I made another looping and crumpled up my licence plate.
This was a long time since I had made such beginners mistakes.
I got a little help from Bernhard Brinkmann to boost up my self-confidence, Bernhard or "Brinki" with all his experience made a pirouette with his 125 KTM as he opened the throttle to hard on a slippery road just in front of,me, ......... Phew !, I was not the only one who made 'beginners mistakes' !
Brian on the DKW of Dennis passed me like a rocket, and lost in his slipstream a handful of engine bolts, he made it to the finish and than discovered that some parts were missing.
After a 5 hours race we all came back in the camping area.
Everybody had his own story.
Some of us left early since it is a long way to drive home.
I had a drink with Dennis in the tent and at 18.30h to my big surprise learned that I was 1st in my class, all the other competitors gave up or were out of the race.
I left Isny at 19h and arrived home at 4h in the morning.
Later I received a mail from H.P. Bolsinger from the club of Isny, they made a mistake with the timecard of Pietro Polini, and he was ranked on place 1.
Some pictures courtesy of Cross Oldy

Left Chris Homoet and his Rond-Sachs 50cc (#800) and
right Mark Reul with the Rond-Sachs 100cc (#2)

"Holland-kamp" even now at the Classic events, but great fun!

Beautiful CMK #600 (powered by Zundapp 50cc engine) from Italian Pietro Polini.

Mark full throttle at the special test, but only 100cc... it isn't a 125cc...

Ex-factory Rond-Sachs 125cc from Dutch ex-Trophy rider Jan Tijhuis.

Finally (!) a Belgian ex-Trophy rider at a classic event!
Michel Albert (ex-Hercules, KTM....) tuning the 175cc.
Hope to see him soon at the next classic a rider!!
(Lovely beer... the Rochefort!)

Franck Albert on his 125cc Hercules 7V

Parc Fermé Isny 2011: new location.

Swiss Hercules lover Marcello Grigorov and american Dennis Bershaw
in a little chat... let me guess: something about... Hercules??

German Bernhard 'Brinki' Brinkmann dancing on the little KTM
(somtimes to much power !)

Lovely 50cc KTM

American gang at Isny! Great guys (and girls!)
(nice cap Dennis!!)

Dutch Jan Tijhuis with the 125cc Rond-Sachs, nice white boots!

Mark stylish at the special test with the Rond-Sachs 100cc.

Rond-Sachs team at Isny: from left to right:
Chris Homoet (50cc) - Jan Tijhuis (125cc) - Mark Reul (100cc)