Waldmichelbach (Germany) | 9 october 2010
Saturday October 9th the members of the MSC Ulfenbachtahl invited us for their annual "Hans Philip Jost Gedachtenisfahrt" a classic enduro in commemoration of a local club member who passed away some years ago.
Yves and I left home on Friday morning and after a 6 hours ride we arrived around 15.30H in the impound area in the small German village of "Unterschonenmattenwag" to meet our German Classic friends.
Father and son Jaap and Jeff Lanting (1978 KTM 250 & 1977 SWM 250) also arrived, together with some other classic friends from Holland, as Chris Van Homoet (1968 Rond Sachs 50cc) and Ben Van Asseldonck (1976 Zundapp 125)
The weather was excellent and Burghard Lenz (1955 Maico 250) invited us for a drink for his 75th anniversary on his camper. 
First we went to the administrational and technical check, and the little 1969 Hercules passed as always.
After a couple of beers with our friends, we went to eat a German Schnitzel in the sports hall and later we had some self made coffee with Marc Van Woensel, Hans Theis, Leo Keller, Hans Lipple and his wife.
At around 22.00H we went to sleep in hotel Renault.
Saturday morning the first start was at 10.00H.
I started for my 4 laps at 10.11H in sunny weather conditions
The route had some minor changes compared to last year, but was EXCELLENT again as the whole organisation was 
The warm welcome of the local villagers who offered free drinks on several spots along the route, the incredible beauty of the "Schimmeldewog" area and the real forest route makes this an event not to miss.
My little Hercules did very well again, except for the front suspension who was to soft, for the special test.
I enjoyed the steep climbs in the forest, and managed to reach the top without help, each time.
I had the impression that, compared to my 1969 Penton, the Hercules misses some torque to climb the steep hills, but after the event I noticed that I had a 57 teeth sprocket instead of a 60 teeth which I normally ride. 
After each lap we had plenty of time to do some maintenance and have a drink.
Around 16.00H I arrived at the finish line,
After loading the bike, and a cold outdoor shower, we had some drinks and a warm meal in the sports hall, and we had to leave at 18.00H for again a 6H ride home.
Leo informed me that I was 3th in my class, unfortunately I could not stay for the results, but my friend Hans Theis takes care of my award as always (thanks Hans !)
Wald Michelbach was my last event this year, now I have to check the Bultaco and prepare myself for some trial riding with Valentin, Yves, Fred, and maybe we can warm some other friends to meet us in Bilstain for some quality time in the mud.  


Thanks to Leo Keller for the photos!

More pics @: www.crossoldy.de

Mark & Marc on the move in the woods of Schimmeldewog.