Wald-michelbach (Germany) | 8th october 2011
After a 6 hours ride, we (Yves, Valentin and Mark) arrived friday afternoon at 16h in the village of Unter Schonenmattenwag for the -9th edition of the Johann Philipp Jost Gedächtnisfahrt-.
Luckely Leo kept us a place, because the parking place was nearly full.
I did the administrational and technical check on friday so I could sleep 10 minutes longer on saturday morning.
In the "Festhalle" after a good schnitzel, we had some beers with the friends. There was an exposition with some bikes pictures and magazines.
We bought some old magazines with an article on the 1970 ISDT in Spain and Rolf Beppler told me that during the 5th day, a Swedish rider in front of him went over a rock and felt into a ravine.
Rolf stopped to help him out, the Swedish rider was unconscious and had several injuries in his face, Rolf raced to the next check for help and luckily all ended well.
Rolf was the only private rider with a gold medal, only 33 gold medals were won during the Spanish Six Days in San Lorenzo de Escorial.
At this day Rolf is still in contact with the Swede.
Sunday morning at 7h we woke up in 'Hotel Renault' after a cold, rainy night.
Start was at 10.00 for 4 laps of 25km forest roads. All went well, no problems.
Sunny day, but a heavy rain shower changed the track the final lap.

We spent some time after the race in the parc ferme, and after a good 'German Bratwurst' and collecting Mark's 3th place trophy (!)... we started 'Hotel Renault' for our ride home.
But it was a cosy ride, we had a super de luxe couch in the van, so we could sleep... but Mark don't... he had to drive...

Thanks to Leo Keller for the action photos!

More pics @:

We went to Wald-Michelbach...

...for the '9th Johann Philipp Jost Gedächtnisfahrt'.

Only 1 old classic bike in the van: the Rond-Sachs of Mark...
cosy tight up in the van...
...and proud posing in the French Enduro Magazine #2

Chris Homoet and Mark Reul briefing 'the Rond-Sachs tactics' at the start.

Double check with 'Team-Manager' Yves.

Mark: focus at the start, no jokes...

Dutch Chris Homoet posing at the start with his little 50cc Rond-Sachs
(1st place in his class)

Italian Fantic

Der Stefan on his little Simson.

Some lovely Zündapps...

Left: Heinz Renken and his 100cc SWM Six Days.
Right: Belgian or German??? (retired-from-work-and-now-enjoying-live)
Marc Van Woensel

Nice down-hills/hill-climbs on the track... some toke their speed...
some kissed the German rocks/trees, some took the easy track (pussies!!)

Great, nice region at Wald-Michelbach, lovely hill-climbs but nice to ride.

Relax-time between the laps... so time to check-up the bikes.

....also time for 'posing'

Chris his little, fast Sachs powered Rond 'moped'.

Dutch Peter reparing his exhaust system of his lovely Puch Frigerio GS 75cc

Still after cluth problems Peter arrived... he did well for his first time riding
a classic enduro event, but the Puch not, but that's enduro!

Marc ready for the final lap.

Dutch Ben Van Asseldonk telling about his 'floor investigation' high up
in the Wald-Michelbach's woods...
Take a look at his helmet :)

Also an old bike needs a 'moto-wash'.... but the old way...!

Some action pics of the Classic Enduro Belgium members
on the track by Leo Keller