Wald-michelbach (Germany) | 6th october 2012
Last weekend I went to "Unterschonenmattenwag" excuse for the name, to my last race of the 2012 season.
The classic event organised by the MSC Ulfenbachtal was perfect as usual.
We had to ride 4 laps in the forest surrounding the local village. This year the club added some additional loops in the forest.
We had nice weather all day long, and the villagers did eat and drink stands along the route.
Since we had enough time at the time check, Peter on his 75cc Puch Frigerio who started 4 minutes before me, waited so we could ride together to enjoy the beautiful region.
The Monark went well, but I did not like the cross track too much on which we had to ride the special test.
I have pain forced the suspension a little bit, so I will give the baby a good maintenance before she can go hibernate for the winter. (thanks Leo for the picture)
Hope to be back next year, but than with Matador Freddy and Fariolo Tinus who are both working on a secret weapon for the season to come.


Thanks to Leo Keller for the action photos!

More pics @:

Mark went to Wald-Michelbach...

Mark on the Monark, nice bike to drive.

Van Woensel speeding up for his 5th place, correction after
mistake about his age...3th

MX-lover-boy - Marc Van Woensel

Jiehaaaaaa....high jump... look at the impact tire/suspension
Poor Marzzocchis...

70+ Erich Sander... ready to attack the German woods!

New Classic Enduro member Philippe Gregoir on his KTM 175cc - 1979
He became Belgian Champion in the class Juniors 175cc in 1979
Philippe organizes every year the International Classic Trial event
at Aywaille (Belgium).

Problems on Picasso 's Husqvarna