Zschopau | 25th june 2011 (Germany)

11. ADAC Classic Gelandefahrt Rund Um Die MZ-Stadt Zschopau
Friday evening after a 9 hours ride, Mark and I arrived on the old marketplace of Zschopau.
The marketplace in the middle of the MZ town of Zschopau is also the camping area and it looked like we were the last ones to arrive.
Vintage bikes were all over the place and even the former MZ and Simson Factory vans found there way back to the event.
Immediately Hans and Ingrid Theis invited us for diner, and we had a nice chat. Than we took the little 125's Rond-Sachs and the KTM to the parc-ferme were it stayed overnight between the MZ's, Simsons and the SWM's of our Dutch friends who invaded the Zschopau event with at least 15 riders.
We met Jaap and Jeff Lanting, the Lenselink brothers, the Hellendoorn SWM guys and Yves our French friend who rode 1200Km all alone the ride this event Germany: chapeau!!
Sunday morning we started our bikes and hit the dirt-roads for 3 laps of 47km in the German forest around Zschopau with 2 special tests, 1 trial test and 1 acceleration test each lap.
The route was fantastic, with a lot of steep hills, narrow tracks between the trees, and some muddy parts.
He had a great week-end at Zschopau, next year we certainly come back for the classic event and ofcourse for the ISDE !!! Yes, yes, long time ago, we had at Six Days in Europe that nearby....ofcourse there's Finland in august...but this is shorter for us, little Belgians!
Congratulations to the team of MSC MZ ZSCHOPAU we will be back next year.
Thanks again to the club of Zschopau for this lovely weekend !

Bye, bye till the next time !

Mark & Valentin

PART 1 ZSCHOPAU (click on photo)

PART 2 ZSCHOPAU (click on photo)