Zschopau | 23th june 2012 (Germany)

12. ADAC Classic Gelandefahrt Rund Um Die MZ-Stadt Zschopau
Friday morning after a 7 hours ride, Mark and I arrived on the old marketplace of Zschopau.
The parc fermé was still at the Zschopau tower, but the camping area was moved out of the centre. Not so cosy like the events before, but we have to respect the efforts of the Zschopau club.

So this had to be a great classic-enduro-day, but sadly, as we said before, this day 'ended' tragically for Gernot Löwer. He loved his bikes, and he died on one of his bikes, which he gave the name 'Löwer Sachs'.
So the event was cancelled, every rider respected the decision of the organisation.

And after some chats with Norwegian, French, Dutch and German enduro-lovers we went home...this time no great enduro-Zschopau-story, but a sad story to tell to our friends back home.

Mark & Valentin

Photos (click on photo)