Borna (Germany) | 15 may 2010
After a trip of 6 hours I arrived in Borna to meet again our German classic enduro friends.
My bike arrived the day before in the van of Marc Van Woensel.
The camping area was very muddy, and it did not stopped raining all night long.
I went with the members of the local club to a pub to have a Schnitzel and some beers and to see a film of last years Zschopau classic event and later a film of the 1965 ISDT.
At about 22H I went to sleep in my car, and it was still raining .....
The 3 Hours classic enduro, was in a former training camp of the Russian Army.
We had to do 5 laps of about 35 minutes each. To stay on schedule, you had to ride fast (our take some short cuts !!)
Some guys did not started because of the bad weather
The special test was on a MX track and a trial test next to the camping area.
Unfortunately the lady at the special, misinformed me (and some others among them Hans Lippl) about the number of special tests and I was not classified.
A lot of riders took short cuts, and when they were caught by a marshall they were out the race.
Some of those cheaters were in the list with results. (!)
The route was OK, but heavy with a lot steep climbs in it and during the race it did not rained.
Unfortunately the organisation was not what we are used to from our german friends.
I still had fun, but I think I will pick another event next year.