Oregon| 21th january 2011 (USA)

Denny and I finally went to Washington last Friday and I got some pictures for you.
It was a very rainy day and never did stop the 5 hours we spent there.
I really would like to go back this summer. He is about 110km from here, so it is not that far to go. He must have every brand of dirt bike ever brought into the United States. I tried to get close up pictures of the odd brands.
Scott has about 200 motorcycles in all kinds of condition. As you can see the best ones are in his shop that he has not finished building yet. I should have taken more pictures of his shop, it is quite nice. He is building a nice paint booth also. As you can see in the one photo, he has a lathe and a CNC machine. The ceiling in that part is almost 8m high. He has a fork lift that he lifted the 80 bikes to the second floor 3m. I think it will take him another two years maybe to finish it the way he wants. He also built a nice home on his property. The last 12 pictures there are 40 bikes in a 12m container that he has removed the handlebars and exhaust pipes so he can fit them very tight. The other shed over 40 more and as you can see many frames hanging from the ceiling. Some of these were given to him over the years, starting in the early 1980's. He has bought many more as you can see, and many are for parts only because there is not much left of them.
The Marvel is a 1913 I think he said. If you notice on the left side that little crank with the long shaft down to the countershaft is a two speed setup.
You crank the crank all the way clockwise for one speed and counter clockwise all the other way for the other speed. It does run and he has ridden it several times.
The other thing this Scott has done is catalog every single issue of every motorcycle magazine published in the U.S. (no choppers).  He has a log that tells him which brand was featured in which issue and the year, so he can go to the shelf and pull the magazine in a few seconds.
He is a man of many, many talents. He is a machinist by trade, so he is very good at making things that I can only dream about.
I got so busy taking pictures that I didn't write down any information on the odd makes.
See ya,