Italy | Lonato (Garda Lake) 2011
Last week I went to the 20th edition of the Hercules Days in Italy.
This is an annual reunion for Hercules collectors, but open for all lovers of vintage enduro bikes.
The meeting was held in Lonato close to the Garda Lake, a beautiful area, not so far of the famous Bergamo Valleys with their long enduro history.
During the week, we paid a visit to the Vintage Racing Museum in Castello Caleno.
They have a large collection of about 300 vintage enduro bikes. They restore bikes for their collection, for the race or on request for private owners.
We were guided around the by Engardo Perletti who is responsible for the public relations of the company.
The bikes are restored by former factory enduro riders as Belussi and Oriboni and the former personal technician of Andreini during his time with SWM and Maico, Natale Silvetti
Info can be found on <>
During the week some of the Hercules fans arrived in Arriga Alta, the hotel of Roberto & Silvia Biza.
Roberto and Marcello Grigorov of the Registro Hercules are the 2 driving forces behind the event.
Marcello arrived with 7 bikes of his collection, a 100cc K101 GS from 1963, a 100 cc from 1964, a 175 4 speed of 1963 , an ex-works Hercules from 1963 and some beautifully restored 50cc bikes.
We had a good time with Gunther, Marcus and other members of the Hercules IG, and a couple of days later, Rudi & Peter Schlosser arrived with former Zundapp rider Peter Vogel and his wife Maria.
Rudi had brought the ex-works DKW 125 of Ferdl Schmalz a bike of 1967.
He offered me to make a test ride on the bike, and I was impressed how smoothly this 44 years old bike still ran. 
On Sunday we met Dario Salvi, Franco Turo, Paolo Sala, Titta  and a lot of other former well known enduro riders as well as some famous people like 79 years old Giorgio Mazilli, the man behind the Mazilli bikes and former Zundapp en Hercules engineer 81 years old Heiner Wieditz and his wife.
The Mazilli registro brought the number one Mazilli bike ever build together with some other bikes of their collection.
Piero Pollini, came with a like new restored 50cc CMK, an Italian brand with Zundapp engine build by the German Engineer Otto Kohler.
Piero is thinking to ride this bike in Isny. He rode some laps on the enduro track on the property of Roberto Biza, and all had to admit that his bike run amazingly well for an old 50cc. The track on is not that long, about 2 km, and all participants can ride as many laps as they want. It's very technical a real enduro and not an MX track.
A fine event and we'll hope to go back next year.