Schluchtern (Germany) | 11 june 2011
After a 5 H ride, my friend Yves and I arrived at the race track in Schluchtren for the annual Enduro Senioren meeting.
We were invited by the Enduro Senioren for a meal and had some, German speciality "don't know what its called" .
It was a combination of exploded potatoes and eggs, fried in 2 stroke oil (I think).
It tasted really good, but I needed some beers to digest this heavy stuff.
We had a nice evening with the German friends and after some beers and some red wine, and another couple of beers and some more red wine, we went to sleep in hotel Renault.
Next day, I rode my little 1964 DKW50 the required number of laps but the front fork was too hard, I need to take the fork apart to check, otherwise, the "don't know what its called"  German speciality's wont stay down.
After the enduro race I tested my 1969 Rond Sachs for Zschopau for the first time. The bike runs well, but I need to make some adjustments to to the rear brake and repair an oil leak at the front fork.
In the afternoon, we had to do 1 more special test, some of the riders went really fast, like former European Simson Champion Rolf Hubler who rode a 250 SWM in Schluchtren.
Chris Van Homoet on his 50 cc Rond Sachs flew over the track, but not fast enough to beat the 11 years younger 50cc KTM of Martin Eckhard, the same bike as Bernhard Brinkmann rode in the 1979 ISDT in Germany.
The awards were Cups which were won by and during the long off road career of Hans Lippl who unfortunately passed away last year.
I won an award for the oldest 50cc bike, so at least the fight with the unwilling front fork paid off.
Up to Zschopau in 2 weeks for a real enduro around the MZ city.
Big thanx to Leo Keller for the photos!

(all photos copyright Leo Keller)