Visit Dutch ISDT Trophy Rider Jan Van Der Hoek | 24 september 2010

Friday September 24th I went to Amsterdam for a meet and greet with 85 years old Jan Van Der Hoek.
Jan started his career in 1947 with road racing on an old Rudge.
In 1954 he rode his first MX on a BSA and although this was no great success, he persisted with off road racing and became one of the best Dutch ISDT riders.
In total Jan rode 13 ISDT and won 6 x gold and 3 x bronze. He received the "Hans de Beaufort" cup, the highest Dutch bike award for his long international career. 
In 1956 he was member of the Dutch Vase team in Garmisch Partenkirchen, and on his first ISDT, he rode his little 175 Maico to the finish and won not only a gold medal but also gold with the Maico team and last but not least the Vase cup with his team.
It was a pleasure to listen to all the stories of Jan.

In the 1965 ISDT on the isle of Mann Jan road the english brand Greeves.
The last day a few miles before the end of the race he broke the transmission chain of the engine and lost all hope to finish the six days. But suddenly on of his friends Cees Van Rijsel on his 125 CZ came back to search for Jan. They tied there Bellstaf belts togehter and he brought Jan to a few blocks from the finish, then Jan pushed his bike to the end and saved his bronze medal...

In 1969 he road a Yamaha in Garmisch again and the same year whilst competing a MX in France on his Greeves, he noticed the smooth riding of another competitor on little Montesa. Jan wanted to have one of these Spanish bikes and in 1970 he road the Spanish ISDT on a Montesa, a bike which is still in the original condition in his possession today.
Isny is also familiar to Jan, as he rode this event severall times.
In 1975 he rode his last ISDT still on a Montesa, a brand he stayed loyal to till the end of his riding career in 1984.

Times fly when you are listening to stories of great events and I had to leave for a long way back home.
I'll hope you enjoy the pictures of Jan.
I also want to thank Peter Van Der Hoek, Jan's nephew, to make this interview with Jan possible.

Mark Reul

ISDT 1965: totally exhausted he reached the finish after a broken chain:
but the most important thing:
he finished the Six Days and saved his bronze medal !!

Trophy Chamber of Jan...amazing trophies!!
13x ISDT : 6x gold and 3x bronze!!