Garmisch Partenkirchen
(Germany) - 44th ISDT
| 1969

(special thanks to Michel De Corte, Jean Robert, René Beyers & Mark Reul)

2 teams of 4 drivers for the Silver Vase:
Crosset, Cordonnier, Maréchal & de Spa (KTM-Penton)
Vanstenagen, Robert, Lambois & Piron (Hercules)

Tonneau, De Corte & Thibaut (Hercules): individual
De Vleschoudere & Capart (KTM): individual

Those were the days...
Some of the Belgian team-members.
Family picture...left Claude Vanstenagen and
2nd from the right, Jean Crosset.
Start & Finish... with a beautiful sky-line...
Talking with the other pilots...with a great view at the mountains...
Jean Robert preparing his Hercules for the start.
Claude Vanstenagen (nr. 70 at the front) and Jean Crosset (nr. 74 at the top) changing tires at day 1.
The Herc and Penton under the Zündapp flag...
Claude Vanstenagen and Jean Crosset waiting to check-in their Herc and Penton.
Jean Crosset (was also one of the two teammanagers!)
and his Penton (now owned by Werner Konrad,
ex-endurochampion of Germany:
see Motorbikes: specials)
Jean Robert... ready to jump on the Herc.
Michel De Corte crossing the river Isar.
Michel De Corte (nr. 86)...ready to take off...
nr. 89 = Daniel Thibaut.
Michel De Corte changing his bib-mousse!
Michel De Corte checks if 'the trunk monkey' is still at his place!
Michel De Corte drinking his 'Red-Bull'.
Left: Alex Colin - right: Mme Crosset.
Jean Robert at full speed...
Alex Colin (teammanager 2) encouraging his team!
Jean Robert trying out the new fat bar of Renthal...
Michel De Corte keeping his feet dry....
...while Roger Maréchal cleans his bike properly...
Kaltenbrunn, 2nd day, check-point.