Garmisch Partenkirchen | 1969

Jean Crosset (5 x gold)
(Penton - 14th place 125cc - 0 pts)
at a check-point.
Jean Crosset leaving the check-point.
Michel De Corte
(Hercules - 44th place 125cc - 23 pts) downhill in the woods.
Michel De Corte
changing his tire at day 3.
Roger Maréchal
(KTM - 50th place 125cc - 75 pts)
at a special test.
Jean Crosset at the same special test.
Roger Maréchal.
Jean Robert
(Hercules - 34th place 125cc - 7 pts)
at a check-point.
Jean Robert always smiling...
Jacky Lambois
(Hercules - 27th 125cc - 2 pts.)
who takes 2 minutes in six days, changing his gear-shifter, after a crash on tuesday, the 2nd day.
Daniel Thibaut
(Hercules - 53th 125cc - 104 pts.)
This young rookie hurts his leg also because of a crash...and finished with great strength of character.
Roger Maréchal was an excellent pilot.
He replaced his exhaust pipe 3 times!
Repeatedly he had problems with his fuel-tank, which was specially made
in Italy...
Several riders had problems with
this fuel-tank...
Claude Vanstenagen.