El Escorial (Spain) - 45th ISDT | 1970

(special thanks to Jean Cordonnier)

Private rider Jean Cordonnier (B)
The start...and already penalty points...
Aaarrggghhhhh !!!!

But once the Bultaco was kicking alive... Jean rode like hell !!
The second day the route was 282 km. at the east-side of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, not much vegetation, only: rocks, stones and dust !
At this ISDT the Spanish photographer 'Alguersuari' did a wonderful job !!
Now we can enjoy those beautiful photos he made !
The first day they rode the A-schedule... 125 km. x 2 = 250 km.
76 DNF the first day, because the track was very heavy with rocks, stones and lots of dust !

Result: Second day: B-schedule. No you could see no rush at all...But is was still hard working...6 days long !