Isle of Man (Great Britain) - 46th ISDT | 1971

(special thanks to Michel De Corte)

And again... there was no Belgian six days team at 1971 !!!

And again... private rider Michel De Corte (also in 1970 !)
(nr. 32 Hercules - silver)
made the trip to the Isle of Man !

Michel De Corte with his Hercules.
Look at the fuel-tank...he prepared his Hercules with a aluminium BSA fuel-tank !
It was the same Hercules he rode in Spain (1970).
Left riding !!! And full speed in the corners...
Just like the TT !
Respect ! Again (just like in 1970) Michel did the trip on his own. And this for 6 days.

Here Michel at a check-point, you can see a Dutch and Swedisch driver looking at the lonely 'yellow driver'...

Beautiful sky-lines !
Michel on the gaaaaz...
Lifting up the front wheel...wheelie ??? (yes, yes...there is the photo-man...)
And this for 6 days, he rode...'full-throttle'...the way to silver!
Here you can see what Michel wrote on
the back of a photo:
'It's hard to be the only Belgian driver at the Six Days.
There were lots of 'ravitaillement and fuel' problems and it isn't easy to find a solution.