Spindleruv Mlyn (Czechoslovakia) - 47th ISDT | 1972
(special thanks to Jean Cordonnier, Jean Robert and Mark Reul)

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Silver Vase team (Hercules factory motorbikes):
Jean Crosset
(125cc, gold)
Jean Cordonnier
(125cc, DNF day 2, problems with the suspensions)
Roger Maréchal (100cc, DNF day 1 after 150 km(!) ignition problems)
Claude Vanstenagen (125cc, DNF day 2, problems with his eyes)

Individual - Hercules 125cc (factory motorbikes):
Jean Robert (silver) - Romain Brel (bronze) - Michel Albert (bronze) - Gaston De Spa (DNF day 1, ignition problems)

Individual - Cheney Sachs 125cc:
Jacques Fortan
(DNF day 1, lost his screw of his rear-brake)

Puch (factory motorbikes):
Michel De Corte (gold) - André Piron (gold)

Puch (standard motorbikes):
George Marlière (gold) - Roger Loriaux (silver)
Roger Vanderbeken (DNF day 3, broken gearbox)

Family photo...

Mark Reul has 2 and Rudi has 1 of these works motorbikes.
See also "Restorations" and "Motorbikes".

TeThe Hercules guys... from left to right:
Jean Cordonnier, Romain Brel, Michel Albert, Gaston De Spa, Jean Robert, Jean Crosset, Claude Vanstenagen, Roger Maréchal, 3x mechanics,
Jacques Fourtan on his Cheney Sachs 125cc.
...Jean Crosset and Roger Maréchal relaxing...
...while some of the mechanics gave the Herc's
a big shot...EPO??
Gaston De Spa looks if he's doing it right.

Look also at the kick-start...special homemade...
Jean Robert and his Hercules.
Beautiful Hercules preparation!!
Jean Robert lay the finishing touch on his Herc
before the start.

You can see at the front brake (right) a special made support for the brakehouse...

Preparing the Herc's for the battle...Some of the teammembers relaxed smoking a sigaret...
Yes, yes, real sportmen...
Alex Colin (1st left) giving some instructions.
Jean Cordonnier at the right preparing his Hercules.
Everything had to be perfect!
Jean Cordonnier and the mechanic.
Beautiful shot of the Hercules, the chrome fuel tank left and right and the yellow stroke...
(Look at the 'Restorations' page.)
Jean and Jean with the nice Sachs Hercules cap
(Crosset and Cordonnier) at the technical control.
(Click on the photo for a close-up, you can see the special preparation of the cylinderhead rubbers)
Jean Cordonnier at the start on monday.
I think Jean has got something with front nr.plates...
He also lost one in 1968 at the ISDT in San Pellegrino (Italy).
Team tactics...