Spindleruv Mlyn (Czechoslovakia) - 47th ISDT | 1972

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André Piron at full speed on his 'factory' Puch 175cc in the woods.

(...imagine the sound of the Puch at this moment here...).

George Marlière on the 'standard' Puch 175cc
(look at the exhaust pipe)
Michel De Corte and his 'factory' Puch 175cc.
Jean Crosset checking his Herc.

Second guy on the right (Belstaff outfit)= 6x world champion motorcross: Joël Robert, he was famous in Czechoslovakia....and not only because he was a famous motorcrosser!!

A Swedisch trophy rider changing the front tire of his Monark.
At the left a Husky.
An English Trophy rider changing the rear tire of his Bultaco.
The two Jean's (Crosset 97 and Robert 112) filling up their Herc's.
Romain Brel at day 2...
Look at the face of the man with the blue cap (2nd of right = Gaston De Spa)...there was some 'high voltage'....
Romain Brel in the Czechoslovakion woods...shouting at the Dutch guy Wiebe Van Der Meulen
(Batavus Sachs).... to move....
Jean Robert in the rain...
but that's no problem... in a Belstaff outfit.