Spindleruv Mlyn (CZ) | 1972

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Michel Albert changing the spark-plug.
Claude Vanstenagen.
(See also 'Motorbikes' - Hercules
(Click on the photo for a close-up)
Big guy Romain Brel.
(See also 'Restorations').
Romain forgot to smile at the photographer...
...but Roger Vanderbeken don't...
he's big-smiling and at the meantime 'painting' his chain.
Jean Robert going to the 'Parc Fermé'.
Romain Brel full speed at a fast track.
Romain Brel at a muddy,
tricky hill-climb.
Jean Robert at the same place...
Second guy from the left = Roger Bruyneel, at that time, the big boss of the Belgian Motor Federation.
Jean Robert finishing after another day of hard work in the Czechoslovakian woods.