Camerino (Italy) - 49th ISDT | 1974
(special thanks to Philippe and Raph Leclercq)

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The Belgian riders at Camerino:

Marliere Georges - Puch 125 (nr 60), DNF (day 4, injured his hand)
De Corte Michel - Puch 175 (nr 132), DNF (day 3, ignition problems)
Harteel Michel (nr 134), DNF (day 2, ill)
Borguet Philippe - Puch 175 (nr 135), DNF (day 4, problems with his arms)
Leclercq Philippe - Puch 175 (nr 137), bronze medal
Brel Pierre - Puch 175 (nr 144), DNF (day 3, ill)
Ketels Martin - Puch 175 (nr 145), DNF (day 1, crash)
Vermeulen Christian - Puch 175 (nr 148), DNF (day 5, crash)
Corbeels Julien - Yamaha 250 (nr 272), DNF (day 2, motor problems)
Geboers Louis - Yamaha 175 (nr 210), DNF (day 2, crash)
Cordonnier Jean - Bultaco 350 (nr 264), DNF (day 3, ill)
Crosset Leon - Bultaco 350 (nr 272), DNF (day 4, motor problems)
Crosset Jean - Bultaco 350 (nr 276), Silver medal

The Belgians became the "Watling-Trophy".

No luxuous mobilhomes or trucks, but a car and a trailer...

All together, looking forward to finish "The Six Days".

Relax, take it easy....that's the way of life in Italia !

The Belgian "Village People" at Camerino...

Nervous... but happy to check in for Six Days of enduro riding...
Look at the special "home made" plastics at the front fork...
Camerino was...lots of stones...

But not everybody is ready...special preparation of the Puchs.

Philippe Leclercq and Michel De Corte.

The Belgian Team enjoyed the Italian hospitallity:
Great food and of course: vinoooooo !!

6 time World Champion Motorcross Joël Robert enjoyed also enduro-riding, he was the Puch and SWM importer of Belgium.
You can still see him at the Belgian enduro' spectator...

Phillippe Leclercq with his beautiful Puch.

Again Leclercq after a TC, no time to waiste...

...and at the evening...arriving just in time for his "changing tire" time...

Little problems for a Monark nr. 56 at an assistance point.

Final cross stage at day 6....

Trophy and Silver Vase winner ISDT 1974: Tsjechoslovakia.