Passionated by the endurosport!

For severall years now, we ride our old enduro bikes in classic events all over Europe, mainly Germany, France, Italy and Belgium of course.

It's always great fun to meet people who share the same passion, it doesn't matter if they are ex-ISDT- , ex-factory riders, or just plain collectors as we are.

Sometimes we come together, to enjoy an old ISDT movie or sniff up air in swapmeets.
You never know if that "missing" part isn't just waiting for you .

Among friends, we speak the same language, unintellegible for our wifes, what do they care about discovering an old ISDT bike, it's simply impossible to make them understand why we are so trilled about that old rusty oil leaking monster, shopping afternoons are, after all, much more important to them.

We hope that all of you will enjoy the pics on this webpage, and make the goozbumbs come alive all over your body.
Sometimes we come together, to enjoy and old ISDT movie or

Mark Reul, de Rudi, Yves Haesevoets, Fred Engelbos,
Marc Van Woensel & Valentin Jacobs